For more information on the Rental Management software for equipment rental companies please visit: . This video highlights how the real-time database of Rental Management software for Microsoft Dynamics NAV allows users to generate rental orders containing assets from … Read more


This is a question that seems to come up a lot. With Microsoft CRM and being the two clear leaders in the CRM space, there is a good chance that one of those two CRM packages are being used Read more


New Productivity Pack for Dynamics Connector

The Connector for Microsoft Dynamics, which has been available for about two years, provides integration between Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Microsoft Dynamics GP (previously Great Plains), as well as NAV and AX. The Connector is to be able to pull … Read more


Kinect, Business Presentations, and Microsoft Dynamics GP

One of the more eye-opening demos at Convergence 2012 in Houston a few months back was the use of Microsoft Kinect with Dynamics GP. While Kinect is more associated with consumer electronics, Microsoft has been signaling that this sophisticated … Read more


Instant Business Intelligence with Dynamics GP Business Portal

The Business Portal is a powerful Dynamics GP service that allows non-GP users access to important dashboards and other business metrics through their browsers. Within the Business Portal, the Executive Center is especially appealing to high-level executives. It provides “big Read more


Microsoft Forecaster Speeds Up the Budgeting Process

Managers generally are not fond of planning yearly budgets or engaging in other forecasting exercises since it’s viewed as time taken away from their real jobs. But with Microsoft Forecaster 7.0, the budget process doesn’t have to trigger instant headaches.… Read more


Working within an ERP software package we all know that staff make mistakes… as my boss always says ‘garbage in is garbage out’.  Adding a new customer that already is in the database is common with our distribution company clients.  … Read more


Webinar: Make Revenue and Expense Deferrals More Efficient

Can’t seem to fully integrate your revenue & expense deferrals? Now you can automate the deferral of key revenues or expenses at the time of transaction entry to reduce repetitive and manual entry efforts in the future.

With Microsoft Dynamics Read more


As a software sales consultant, I spend a lot of time discussing the business requirements for new business software and implementation processes with our prospects and clients.  Invariably there is someone on the decision making team that begins to nay-say … Read more


Budget, Forecast, and Plan – With Microsoft Dynamics Seminar

For some of you, it’s that time of year again – time to budget and forecast for the fiscal year! For others, you just wrapped things up… and you never want to open Excel again, right?

With this ever changing … Read more





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