For more information on the Rental Management software for equipment rental companies please visit: . This video highlights how the real-time database of Rental Management software for Microsoft Dynamics NAV allows users to generate rental orders containing assets from … Read more


Requisition & Procurement, Optimized – With Microsoft Dynamics Seminar

Are you looking for a means to quickly reduce purchasing transaction costs and rein in maverick spending?  If so, you won’t want to miss our July seminar. If you haven’t yet registered, now’s the time!

MIG will review Best Practices … Read more


A company needs to distribute an AP invoice across multiple entities. It may be a VERY simple process.  There may be account numbers with entities or departments defined within the same company database, and that is all that is needed.  … Read more


Working within an ERP software package we all know that staff make mistakes… as my boss always says ‘garbage in is garbage out’.  Adding a new customer that already is in the database is common with our distribution company clients.  … Read more


As a software sales consultant, I spend a lot of time discussing the business requirements for new business software and implementation processes with our prospects and clients.  Invariably there is someone on the decision making team that begins to nay-say … Read more


Budget, Forecast, and Plan – With Microsoft Dynamics Seminar

For some of you, it’s that time of year again – time to budget and forecast for the fiscal year! For others, you just wrapped things up… and you never want to open Excel again, right?

With this ever changing … Read more


By Nancy Phillippi

As a software sales consultant, I spend a lot of time discussing the implementation process with our clients.  Then we talk about data conversion.  I must tell you that this is an area of discussion that always … Read more


Increase field worker efficiency by automating processes. What exactly does this statement mean? Often when you’re reading about a new product or service you’ll see words and phrases like increasing efficiency, automating processes, leveraging resources, and increasing profitability.  These … Read more





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