For more information on the Rental Management software for equipment rental companies please visit: . This video highlights how the real-time database of Rental Management software for Microsoft Dynamics NAV allows users to generate rental orders containing assets from … Read more


Do you ever feel like your enterprise resource planning (ERP) just isn’t as useful as it used to be?  Do you feel it’s just doing the bare essentials to get by?  It may be time to consider that your ERP … Read more


You had a passion to start up or work at the helm of a business, but you aren’t an accountant.  You have a business to run and an accounting department to deal with the numbers.  But if you want to … Read more


New Productivity Pack for Dynamics Connector

The Connector for Microsoft Dynamics, which has been available for about two years, provides integration between Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Microsoft Dynamics GP (previously Great Plains), as well as NAV and AX. The Connector is to be able to pull … Read more


There may not be as many differences as you think between Microsoft Dynamics® AX and Microsoft Dynamics NAV. One major difference is Microsoft Dynamics AX is positioned in the ‘Tier One’ space with SAP and Oracle while Microsoft Dynamics … Read more


Your finances are the most important data you can track.  Are you still using spreadsheets and entry level accounting software?  If you are ready for an upgrade, consider Microsoft Dynamics® NAV.  This powerful business management software can give you the … Read more


Getting invoices out is not as easy as hitting the print button.  There are reviews and approvals that cause delays and multiply that if you have dozens or hundreds of invoices that all need to go out.  Once invoices leave … Read more


As we have started upgrading our Microsoft Dynamics NAV customers to the new role-tailored client, we have received feedback from a number of users who felt the new user interface is not as productive as the old one.  It has … Read more


I still remember the first time in 2000 when I saw the bank reconciliation module for Navision, the predecessor of Dynamics NAV.  Navision was a Danish product and was relatively new to North America.  It was pretty obvious that European … Read more


How do you know if you are making the best decisions for your company?  The choices you make can weigh heavy on your mind because you want to protect the business you have worked so hard to build.  Have the … Read more





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