The annual budgeting and planning process is an opportunity for organizations to improve their forecasting and financial functions. Taking time to scrutinize the process and make improvements will pay off and reduce the hassle. But where do you begin? Here … Read more


Upgrading Your Hardware? Consider an ERP Upgrade

Whenever you upgrade hardware, whether it is on the desktop or in the data center, there are bound to be some software changes that go along with it.  In some cases, your hardware upgrades may coincide with an OS upgrade, … Read more


The functionality in a tablet computer now exceeds all our prior expectations, and the numbers validate this from 2010 and 2011:

The number of tablets sold worldwide in 2010 compared to 2011 saw a dramatic increase, which far exceeded industry … Read more


Cloud computing seems to be a natural for Sales and Contact Management Software.  Anywhere access, high availability and lower
implementation costs have all been benefits of the platform.  Now that most business software has extended it’s reach beyond the traditional … Read more


Tax season sometimes brings about stress for businesses.  The reason behind this is that some businesses don’t have a clear picture into their financial situation.  And this is a red flag to the IRS.  If you spend time running around … Read more


Trying to maintain control over accounting for businesses that have route sales, pre-order opportunities, deliveries or mobile equipment support, or when inventory is often supplied to customers while in transit as well as out of the warehouse can be a … Read more


For many businesses, evaluating and selecting a new accounting/ERP solution to grow with your business can often be a daunting and time consuming task. To help you successfully navigate the software selection process, be sure to join Boyer & Associate’sRead more


While studying at Cal State University of Long Beach, I learned that people are more attentive to subject matter through a particular sense.  So, through Auditory, Visual, Touch, or even Scent Stimulation, you can accelerate or strengthen the learning … Read more


As a software sales consultant, I spend a lot of time discussing the business requirements for new business software and implementation processes with our prospects and clients.  Invariably there is someone on the decision making team that begins to nay-say … Read more


In a rare public display of corporate honesty, NetSuite recently admitted that its services are not good for small businesses.  The company offers cloud-based software as a service (SaaS) ERP and CRM solutions to thousands of mid-market and large enterprise … Read more





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