Many companies use the implementation of new financial software as a good time to also change processes in order to gain efficiencies from the new software’s extra features. If you consult with financial software reviews, you’ll see that the market … Read more


Test the Agility of your Accounting Software

Agility is a competitive differentiator; agile businesses “turn on a dime” and want to adopt new business models, launch new products quickly, dominate global markets, and drive efficiencies throughout their supply chains. These businesses look for information technology (IT) as … Read more


Many first time purchasers of accounting software encounter severe sticker shock regarding the cost of implementing accounting software systems. The reality is that the cost of implementing a mid-market to high-end accounting software system will typically range from 1:1 to … Read more


Government contractors always have faced accounting and financial management challenges. Simply put, the bar is higher than in the commercial market. Government agencies’ stringent, complex, and seemingly ever-changing accounting and contract regulatory requirements can be especially daunting for small and … Read more


If you keep track of your business expenses and revenues yourself and you use a PC in your business, then you should be using an accounting software application to make your life easier. Basic accounting software programs have gotten relatively … Read more


Selecting the wrong accounting software can be a complete disaster. You could even lose your job or your business by making a poor choice – it has certainly happened many times before. Exactly where can you go to get the … Read more


Microsoft Dynamics® GP Adds a Dynamic Friend to its Functionality

Microsoft recently launched a Web-based version of its customer relationship management product, Dynamics CRM Online, to integrate with its enterprise resource planning and accounting software, Dynamics GP. This service update, launched in May 2010, delivers integration with Microsoft Dynamics GPRead more


Be Leery of Terminology! Know the Features and Functionality of the Right Accounting Software

Every business has its own terminology. For example, many of us refer to our customers as “customers”. However, professionals tend to refer to them as “clients”, while conference organizers refer to them as “participants” or “attendees”. The list goes on.… Read more


Analyze your Cash Flow Statement with Microsoft Dynamics® GP

Cash flow is the amount of cash your business either produces or consumes in a given period of time. Cash flow is relatively easy to calculate by simply comparing cash at the start of the year and the end of … Read more


Microsoft recently launched Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010, the first update in three years to its enterprise resource planning (ERP) software for midsized businesses. Microsoft Dynamics GP is the descendant of the old Great Plains accounting software Microsoft acquired a … Read more





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