There is an old idiom that applies to many organizations:  “The left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing!”  That can be the root of many frustrations in business.  This is why we often see organizations start the … Read more


Accounting software was created so businesses can keep close tabs on their financial management. Beginning versions of accounting software wasn’t as advanced as it is now, but it still had its value.  Back in the day, most of the … Read more


Let’s face it, what good is accounting software if it totally changes how you work?  You need a solution that fits your daily processes and produces valuable insight so you can make better business decisions.

There are many types of … Read more


Our aversion to change can sometimes blind us from obvious clues or signs that accounting software may not be working for your business anymore.  Small to mid-sized businesses have different needs than larger ones and this needs to be acknowledged … Read more


Microsoft Forecaster Speeds Up the Budgeting Process

Managers generally are not fond of planning yearly budgets or engaging in other forecasting exercises since it’s viewed as time taken away from their real jobs. But with Microsoft Forecaster 7.0, the budget process doesn’t have to trigger instant headaches.… Read more


Okay, perhaps they won’t literally be in the clouds, but many of our existing customers are excited for their Accounting system users to have the ability to use Microsoft Dynamics from a web browser instead of thru direct connections or … Read more


Working within an ERP software package we all know that staff make mistakes… as my boss always says ‘garbage in is garbage out’.  Adding a new customer that already is in the database is common with our distribution company clients.  … Read more


Some argue that off the shelf accounting packages aren’t as good as Excel spreadsheets to manage your finances.  Although Excel can be customized to a way that could work for you, there are multiple reasons why software ranks supreme over … Read more


Do you need a solution that goes beyond spreadsheets or basic enterprise resource planning (ERP)? Learn why Microsoft Dynamics GP represents a significant opportunity to meet your business challenges and to increase your bottom line. Join us for an upcoming … Read more


Blogs and tech websites often tend to paint a rosy picture of ERP software, especially when they are sponsored by ERP vendors. This is to be expected, but the reality is that problems can arise. The best way to avoid … Read more





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