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24 Ways to be “Wildly Creative” with Your Customers this Summer!

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Do you have systems in place to actively allow you to drive revenue from your customer base?  We’d like to share this imaginative CRM (Customer Relationship Management) White Paper, from “CRM Panel Papers” which shares 24 real-life examples of companies using Microsoft Dynamics CRM to manage their sales, marketing and operations proficiently.  This white paper takes an out-of-the box perspective of showcasing successful methods YOU can use to really stay in touch with your customers, while improving your bottom line.


I thought this summer would be an excellent time to take advantage of some of these ideas – like “Soaking in the View”, “Finding your BFFs”, “Riding the Waves”, and “Reuniting Old Friends”.  Yes, I’m still talking about business building, and I’m still focused on automating your processes… Along with integrating your sales and marketing efforts, Microsoft Dynamics CRM interfaces with the ‘accounting’ side of the business through the Microsoft Dynamics ERP products (ie. GP & AX).  The combination of this Microsoft Dynamics software streamlines and lightens the efforts of employees in the ‘back office’ while offering additional flexibility of Microsoft Office products to deepen the ability to communicate with your customers.


After reading through the resourceful ideas the white paper customers have shared, talk with us, Collins Computing, to be inspired even further to bring these Industry Leading products into your organization!  With over 25 years of proven successful accounting and CRM system implementations, Collins Computing’s consultants are eager to share their knowledge, experience, and enthusiasm with you and your employees!  Glance through the white paper ideas list – pick a number – and let us know your favorite “Wildly Creative” CRM implementation idea!  Then we’ll help you implement your favorite’s featured action, along with a few others when you are ready to Ride the Wave yourself!

By Abra Lynne Gilman, Collins Computing, Inc.  Count on Collins, Count on Success.


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