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Why Accounting Software is a Must Have for Your Business

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If you keep track of your business expenses and revenues yourself and you use a PC in your business, then you should be using an accounting software application to make your life easier. Basic accounting software programs have gotten relatively inexpensive and easy to use that there’s really no question that you need accounting software in your business today. Here are three reasons why:

1.       Accounting Software can handle basic bookkeeping duties

With your accounting software, you could handle some bookkeeping tasks that you might otherwise outsource. That can save you money, especially if you don’t have significant bookkeeping needs and if you have someone who can handle bookkeeping tasks in addition to other duties.

2.       But don’t skimp on training

A key to doing your own bookkeeping with an accounting software application is, of course, learning to use the software properly. For example, most business accounting programs will create balance sheets for you that always balance. That’s the nice thing about them. The problem, in fact the danger, is that the balance sheets will balance whether or not the information recorded by the user makes any sense.

In short, accounting software programs can be tremendous time-savers, and we benefit enormously from them. But you have to take the time to learn to use them properly, and to teach your employees to use them.

3.       It tracks money matters and more

Accounting software programs can be used for a lot more than just tracking a business’s annual receipts and expenses. They also can:

  • Generate payrolls, track and pay corporate tax and employer tax liabilities, print out employee W-2s and contractor Form 1099s, and track overdue bills.
  • Link to online banking services and accounts, so that banking information is automatically incorporated into the software program.
  • Integrate with Microsoft Office and other business applications, and can ideally be used to do things such as keep track of your inventory, track your project expenses, assemble job bids, break down profits or losses by client or category, and bill clients.

EWS Group was founded with the goal of developing software for the moving and storage industry that would dramatically improve its ability to quickly obtain real time operational and financial information. With direct integrations into Microsoft Dynamics® CRM and Microsoft Dynamics® GP, we are able to provide professional movers complete and robust solutions to run their businesses successfully.

By Allan Lamar with EWS Group, a leading Colorado Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner

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