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Accounting Software Solutions and the Economy

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Comparisons are a great way to understand different components of something as complex as accounting software. Since the economy is under intense scrutiny these days, I thought it would be fun to compare accounting software to the U.S. economy.

  1. Economic Stimulus: An economic stimulus is an effort by the government to pump money into an ailing economy, whether through spending, tax cuts or interest rate reductions. By replacing money not being spent by businesses or consumers, a stimulus is meant to put a floor under a recession and pave the way for a return to growth.
    Similar to a stimulus package, accounting software paves the way to growth for your company. Having software that makes it possible to view real time reporting of your budget makes it possible to prepare for the future.
  2. Unemployment: The unemployment rate according to household survey is staying steady at 9.6 percent or 14.9 million people. This number is astounding and scary for many of us, but it’s also a time of innovation. The people laid off have a chance to try something new and make a difference in a struggling world.
    Similar to the potential innovation that unemployment can create, an accounting software solution that integrates with your other business processes works along those same lines. Microsoft Dynamics partners like us are always reaching for innovative ways to enhance businesses like yours.
  3. Inflation: High inflation rates during tough economic times are an intimidating part of our economy. It also means it’s even more crucial to protect your money and research what you invest in.
    Accounting software helps you do just that. With better insight into what you’re spending, accounting software makes it possible to see trends and make better decisions.

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By InterDyn – CFO Consulting, Orlando, Florida Microsoft Dynamics Partner

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