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Vertical Solutions

Vertical Solutions-an R.L. Nelson and Associates, Inc. Company, is the combination of two industry leaders. Vertical Solutions, Inc. is a Pittsburgh based corporation founded in 1991. VSI services a diverse client base throughout the Pittsburgh metropolitan area, with clients spanning a broad range of industries, including Law, Manufacturing, Engineering, Accounting, Construction, Education, Advertising, Religious Institutions and Financial Institutions. R.L. Nelson and Associates, Inc. (RLN) was formed in July 1986 as an information systems consulting firm. The primary goal of the firm is to provide high-quality products and services to small and mid-sized companies throughout the eastern United States. Since its inception, R.L. Nelson has provided various products and services to hundreds of companies that were seeking to implement a computer-based accounting information system. Combined our firm has the ability and experience to bring our clients a full suite of technology and information management solutions.

The Business Solutions team focuses on the sales, implementation and support of Microsoft Dynamics GP.  This solution is designed to help mid-sized organizations optimize work flows, provide access to timely and relevant information, reduce end user training time and make the organizations more efficient and profitable. Our team of certified consultants has years of experience mapping client requirements to system implementations and results.

Formerly known as Great Plains, Microsoft Dynamics GP has one of the largest install and partner bases in the world. This product is designed to meet the needs of various organizational types and sizes. Our team has developed strong experience and expertise in the Healthcare Practices, Human Service Organizations and Discrete Manufacturing.

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