Build Bridges with Microsoft Dynamics GP’s eConnect and Integration Manager

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We have worked with many companies throughout the southwest creating special integrations for their specific needs with eConnect and Integration Manager for Microsoft Dynamics® GP. eConnect is a sophisticated tool for scheduling automated tasks. The tasks can be set up once a day or every two minutes, bringing in a full view of order information. Integration Manager is good for front end work like time files, where they can be manipulated to what you need to see.

One example of a bridge we’ve built is for a chain of fast food restaurants. We built a necessary bridge between their POS system and Microsoft Dynamics GP by using eConnect and Integration Manager. This restaurant chain can now process a week’s worth of time clocking in POS and automatically see overtime and exceptions within Microsoft Dynamics GP so they can make escalations as needed and in a timely fashion. Integration Manager then pushes that time file into payroll. With the integration, this restaurant chain processes employee time which produces payroll reports and results in paycheck distribution for 1000-1200 employees in one day. Talk about some time savings!

In addition to the bridge within the payroll department, the sales department also sees the integration benefits. Within Microsoft Dynamics GP, there is a complete dashboard view that summarizes data by store, item, and it can even drill down to the sales order processing module for daily sales. Our clients can buy everything through Microsoft Dynamics GP, ship everything through Microsoft Dynamics GP, and can now bring the sales data into Microsoft Dynamics GP. Our clients do bank reconciliations against credit card charges and their bank statements go through Microsoft Dynamics GP data to make sure they match up, bringing up exceptions so they can locate mistakes, if any, before they go too far.

We here at Sherwood Systems know that change is scary and sticking to the old fashion way may seem easier, but in reality, the functionality described above can save you so many headaches and so much time! We hope the above examples will show you exactly what you may be missing. The Sherwood Systems’ team is fully certified in Microsoft Dynamics GP and Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Sherwood Systems has been a Microsoft Certified Solutions Provider for more than 20 years and is one of only 40 source code authorized Microsoft Dynamics GP solution developers.

By Sherwood Systems, an Arizona Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner

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