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Setting up Multicurrency for Microsoft Dynamics GP can be a bit tricky for the following reasons:

  1. It’s easy to confuse Translation setup and Transaction setup since both use multicurrency.  A given company can use one, the other, both, or neither.
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Regardless of claims to the contrary, there is no such thing as a static, repeatable “standard” ERP project.  While there are similarities and best practices that can be applied, every project differs on both a business and a human … Read more


A big part of Microsoft’s $9+ billion dollar R&D budget is driving innovation in the business applications space. With the explosion of the consumer internet in the past decade, people have come to expect a seamless user experience, rich interactions … Read more


If you’re in the rental business, tracking your equipment is extremely important.  Businesses who do not have an automated tracking system may use a manual cue card system to track rented out as well as received back into inventory.  One … Read more


Enhance your Financial Management to Drive your Business Forward – Part 2

In our last blog post you learned about a few available features in Microsoft Dynamics GP that can be useful for your employees. Why not take advantage of what is out there?

Here are a few features will come with … Read more


Order processing should not take days to process. This is when customers get extremely frustrated and move on to the next supplier. Customer demands have increased in recent years and they want what they ordered…yesterday! So how can you adhere … Read more


As everyone knows these days, changing out an accounting system will rarely deliver an exceptional return on investment and this is a major reason why executives can be reluctant to invest in a new system.  If we can get financials, … Read more


Build Bridges with Microsoft Dynamics GP’s eConnect and Integration Manager

We have worked with many companies throughout the southwest creating special integrations for their specific needs with eConnect and Integration Manager for Microsoft Dynamics® GP. eConnect is a sophisticated tool for scheduling automated tasks. The tasks can be set … Read more


Inventory Optimization: Is it wishful thinking or a reality in a challenging economy?

As a distributor or a component manufacturer, your largest and most costly asset is most likely inventory. Reducing inventory carrying cost and increasing margins can cause a greater effect on the bottom line than increased sales. By doing both you … Read more





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