Microsoft’s 2012 Statement of Direction keys in on “Cloud Offerings” as the future for all sorts of systems, even Accounting!  So, you are not alone in having lots of questions about implementing your accounting software ‘in a cloud’.

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Enhance your Financial Management to Drive your Business Forward – Part 4

In our past blog posts you learned about some of the available features in Microsoft Dynamics GP that can be useful for your employees. Take advantage of what is out there!

Here are a few features that come with the … Read more


Should You Really Switch to Online Accounting Software? When On-Premises is Best

Many of you are wondering if online would be a better option for your business processes. Let’s take a look at a few scenarios when it is in fact NOT the best option…

  1. Let’s say your company holds data that
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Accounting software functions can create great enhancements for your business, but it’s vitally important to gauge exactly what functionality you need for your specific business needs and workflow processes. Some companies find they have too much functionality within their solution, … Read more





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