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Choosing the Right Software for Your Business

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You wisely contemplate what employees to hire, what businesses you might partner with, how to improve your products and services, and make other important decisions about your business goals.  Equally important is to choose the right software to manage business operations.  The right software vendor can help you choose a software solution that matches your business operations.

Choosing an enterprise resource planning (ERP) software solution is important and requires careful planning.  The right ERP software will support your business and promote growth, the wrong software will having you spinning your wheels and get you nowhere.  Before shopping for software, make some observations about your business operations, what data you capture and how you capture it now.  Include notes about the metrics you regularly analyze and your strategic goals.  You might also determine whether there is additional data that you want to capture that you might not be able to today.

Once you have an idea about the technology you are looking for, then you can shop for a reliable software provider.  You want to find a software vendor who has technical experience with various ERP software solutions, as well as experience in applying them in an industry similar to yours.  The relationship that you will have with your software provider will be reciprocal.  They will match a software solution to your business based on the information that you tell them. That is why it’s important to outline business details and strategic goals thoroughly.  The right software provider can deliver a powerful ERP software solution that coordinates with your business operations and meets your budget.  They should be able to provide add-on modules or customize the software to address unique business needs.  Your software provider will also be able to satisfy a reasonable implementation schedule and train your employees so that everyone knows how to use the new software.

The right ERP software solution will keep you on track toward reaching your strategic goals.  It will also streamline your operations, improve productivity, and optimize your profitability.  With a decision as important as choosing the right software solution for your business needs, you want to have a solid relationship with an experienced software vendor.  Their guidance and insight will help you achieve your goals.  Contact Perimeter Business Solutions for additional information about choosing the right ERP software solution for your business.

By Mark D. Kosakowski of Perimeter Business Solutions, Atlanta Georgia Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner

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