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Connecting your website to your accounting system – DIY or Off-the-shelf?

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It makes sense to offer your clients a self-service opportunity to order your products, right?  But there are so many considerations – whether it is design of the site, which items to sell, shipping and payment options, but most importantly – HOW to connect to your back office/accounting system???

Many of our accounting (ERP) clients want to take the step of providing their customers a website with a ‘shopping cart’.  Their first question is, should I “Do it yourself” or “Buy a solution Out-of-the-Box”?

When you open up a ‘shopping cart’, you need to consider at least these items:

  1. Ability to show your branding;
  2. Offer the products you want to promote (cross-sell and upsell) ;
  3. Show the proper prices for the person logged in (consumer, retailer, special business partner);
  4. Check customer holds, payment terms, and shipping options/promotions;
  5. Verify inventory levels, sizes, colors of items;
  6. Track existing orders, re-orders, returns, payments;
  7. Secure your website and your data and have it change per user type;
  8. Seamlessly integrate with your accounting/inventory/order system!

Whether you want to open up a ‘shopping cart’ solution for direct consumers, established business partners, or even your own Sales Reps, these capabilities, along with specific requirements you have, may delay the opportunity if you have to start from scratch.

You may have already have a web developer in-house, or a consultant you work with, so you could maneuver your way for months trying to make it all work.  Or, you could use a “Microsoft Gold” preferred business partner that allows you to quickly do all of the above, and more!

At Collins Computing, we go through an assessment with our clients, to find out what their goals and vision are for on-line order taking.  Then we bring in AZOX ecommerce and epayment solutions for these needs.  Along with fantastic customer support, AZOX builds their products to directly access the data from within Microsoft Dynamics GP.  Our clients never have to worry about maintaining two sets of data, running integrations to process their orders, or determine what has yet to update the ‘other’ system.  With fixed-bid implementations and then training on changing system definitions; including ‘web-parts’; and modifying access levels, the future changes clients may need can usually be done in-house without the expense of additional development or consulting.

A powerful combination to open your inventory for self-service ordering, reviewing, payment processing, and repeat business is – Microsoft Dynamics GP implemented by Collins Computing using AZOX ecommerce products.  If you want further information on how to begin this project, give Collins Computing a call!

By Collins Computing, Inc., Leading Microsoft Dynamics Gold Certified Partner based out of California

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