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Current ERP Software clients to attend Microsoft CRM launch events in March

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Using a state-of-the-art ERP system is truly mandatory with the reporting requirements the government and many industry boards require of businesses today.  Microsoft Dynamics ERP products give companies a choice in best-of-bread solutions, with key focuses on many vertical industries and specific processing needs.  But what about the ‘front-end’ systems that control a company’s marketing and business development processes?  Many businesses rely on spreadsheets, simple address books, and “post-it” notes to track how effective the money they are throwing into their marketing is doing.  That is until they make an actual sale, then these robust financial solutions (ERP systems) can tell them where the sales are made, and what types of products their customers are purchasing.

But wouldn’t it be great if there were a solution that completely integrated with your existing ERP solution AND helped you track your leads, run marketing campaigns, improve your customer service, and expand the ability you have to develop business lines that customers have an interest in purchasing?

Well, many ERP customers are finding that implementing Microsoft Dynamics CRM, a highly intuitive sales, service, and marketing solution built within Microsoft Outlook is just the boost their business needs to take it from an organization scrambling to keep customers to a highly efficient and effective business who services their clients beyond their expectations.

If you could stand a boost in sales, improvement in your marketing, and smoother customer service interactions, Register to attend Collins Computing’s CRM Launch event on March 3rd, or find a CRM Launch event near you

For more information on either Microsoft Dynamics ERP products or Microsoft Dynamics CRM, contact Collins Computing today!  Options for both on-premise and on-line solutions for your business applications make implementations so much easier to manage and gear towards your exact needs.

 By Abra Gilman, Collins Computing, Inc.   Microsoft Dynamics Gold Certified Partner, California

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