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Customers can’t wait to move Accounting System Users to the Cloud!

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Okay, perhaps they won’t literally be in the clouds, but many of our existing customers are excited for their Accounting system users to have the ability to use Microsoft Dynamics from a web browser instead of thru direct connections or terminal server connections.  Microsoft had moved their Microsoft Dynamics CRM product forward first, with browser capabilities that are perfect for the sales and service portions of their business.

Although there are existing portal options for inquiry and reporting, most of the financial transactions are only capable of being entered through LAN or WAN connections, or some combination of third party products and reports (SRS, exported info, etc).  Of course many Microsoft customers have ‘eCommerce’ sites for Orders, but it isn’t the same as being a true ‘Accounting Web Client’.

This year at their Customer Conference “Convergence”, Microsoft announced that all four of their ERP products lines will soon have the option of “Web Clients”.  Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 and NAV 2013 (due to release this calendar year) will both have these options available first, while the other products (Microsoft Dynamics AX and Microsoft Dynamics SL) will soon follow suit.  During the conference we were treated to actual demonstrations, screenshots, and details of the technology, wetting our appetites for the long-awaited web-client feature.

There have been a few blog entries giving an indication of the features and system requirements of the Web-client, including Silverlight and .Net technologies.  Microsoft will release a final system software requirements document once the Beta release has been complete, and we will distribute that information to our client base.

Of course the primary excitement for this technology is the ability of remote users to ENTER data perform their daily functions thru the Web Client using a browser into their ERP systems.  But some additional key features we saw within the demonstrations allow users of organizations with these Web Client connections to:

  •    Enjoy the flexibility of multiple windows open in ERP app thru the Web Client;
  •    Use the familiar “Ribbon” options at the top of the user screens;
  •    See a “Connected” status to stop the ‘happy clicking’ of impatient users;
  •    Observe child Windows dynamically update with changes to the Main screen “on the fly”!

For more details of the Web Client option coming to the Microsoft Dynamics product lines, or to discuss your plans of moving to a consulting firm and an ERP system that fits your needs, contact Collins Computing today!  Our client base has already heard about these features during our Free customer webcasts and bi-monthly customer newsletters.  If your ERP Solution provider leaves you in the dark, give us the chance to brighten up your future!  Collins Computing has several support plan options for expert technological assistance delivered quickly and affordably, with proactive and constant communication to our customers.  Don’t be left looking up at the cloud, find out how to best get your company securely connected with a leader in the Microsoft Partner Channel, Collins Computing, Inc.


Abra Gilman, Collins Computing, Gold Certified Microsoft Dynamics Partner


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