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Dec 31 deadline for Small Business Jobs & Credit Act of 2010

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There has been alot of hype around the changes in tax credits with the signing of the Small Business Tax Act put into law on September 27th, 2010.  Many organizations are taking advantage of these credits and making the move to enhancement their business systems.  The amounts eligible and revised for this year will revert back to the lower amounts as of January 1, 2011, so here are some points you should know.

You may be able to:

  • Write-off the full amount of an investment of ERP software this year!
  • Increase your deduction for start-up business expenses.
  • Use eligble small business credits to offset minimum tax liability.
  • Become eligible for a small business loan.
  • Increase the exclusion of gross income gain of stocks.
  • and more…

For more information, you should consult your tax advisor and gain quick knowledge by reading articles like the American Institute of CPA’ tax credit summarization.

Whatever the case, investing in your business now by implementing a best of breed ERP or CRM system for your finance, distribution, human resource, or customer care needs makes sense.  You will increase your productivity and take advantage of these tax credits.

Now how do you select a consulting firm from the vast array of choices?  You can start by looking for an established partner like Collins Computing, who has been implementing Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM products for over 16 years.

With a very stable base of satisfied customers, some since our inception in 1994, Collins Computing can help you transition from the place you are today, to the place you want to be.  Many of our customers have recently made the jump from other partners and platforms and have now realized their vision!  Join them in reaching your potential; enhancing your insight; and making it easier –  while reaping the tax credits this year!

By Abra Gilman, Collins Computing, Inc.  a California Microsoft Dynamics Gold Certified Partner

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