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Don’t ask for a “Do Over”, pick the right partner for your ERP implementation the first time around

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Now that ERP systems have been around for 20+ years, most companies, or at least their employees have experienced a change in business systems.  Nearly all people will recall the challenges, frustration, or stress they experienced during that ‘cutover’ – not the ‘silver lining’ bits.  Isn’t it your responsibility to select a consulting firm or partner that has the experience to avoid the nightmares and introduce your company to a ‘smooth’ success story for your implementation?

The software IS a key ingredient for your selection, so I do suggest you consider an established solution like Microsoft Dynamics, but you should rate your partner just as critically.

The business partner you select to implement your new system should:

What are your most important factors for choosing a solution and a partner?  I love an article citing a Deloitte & Touche’s study about first-time buyers of software vs. the ‘smarter’ second-time around buyers.  They attached this tell-tale graph:

Top Ten Criteria for Selecting Software 2nd Time 1st Time
Level of support from the solution provider 1 8
Vendor’s track record of performance 2 10
Software’s ability to fit the business 3 4
Growth potential of software 4 7
Price of the software 5 1
Quality of documentation 6 9
Functionality of the software 7 5
Ease of use 8 3
Ease of implementation of the new system 9 2
Software works with existing hardware 10 6

So, whether this is your first, second, or third time involved in a software implementation, do yourself a favor and scope out your partner as well as you define the scope of your business requirements.

By Abra Gilman, Collins Computing, Inc.  Inner Circle Gold Certified Microsoft Dynamics Partner

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