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Even Easier Reporting for Microsoft Dynamics® NAV

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One of the many benefits of a solution like Microsoft Dynamics® NAV is that it can store virtually unlimited amounts of easily retrievable historical data for future reference. In the past getting out data was a major problem for many systems.  If you needed a new report you needed to find someone who could write a report.  If that person was an internal resource, availability and report writer experience was an issue.  If the only option was an external resource, the report could be costly and take several months to deliver.  Any changes to the report started the process all over again. Creating reports under this model became such a tedious process that users avoided it and would manually create as many Excel spreadsheets as they needed to get the extra information.  This lead to accuracy problems and drained significant amounts of precious time from senior financial people every time a report was required.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV now includes Jet Reports Express, an Excel-based business tool that allows users to build their own reports utilizing tools they are familiar with. Information can be based on financial or operations data and is pulled real-time from the database.  And the best part is that the reports can be done by the users themselves with no involvement from internal or external IT resources resulting in savings of both time and cost.

The Microsoft Excel base of this tool makes it especially user friendly and requires minimal training. You can create reports pertinent to your role and, if needed, make changes as your business and role evolves. Having this type of flexibility empowers you in your job and creates numerous benefits for your company.  Optional upgrades are available to automatically schedule reports with automatic delivery in a variety of formats and destinations.  An optional business intelligence module, Jet Enterprise, is also available as a cost-effective choice and can be installed in a day for use with Jet Reports.

For any questions about Jet Reports for Microsoft Dynamics NAV, please contact us at Open Door Technology.


By Malcolm Roach of Open Door Technology, Microsoft Dynamics NAV Partner based out of Calgary, Alberta


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