Expense Report Processing Made Simple for Your Accounting Department and Your Employees

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If you’re like me, expense reports are not your favorite thing to fill out. The process begins with tracking your receipts and then pairing up the expense with the right code, only to be notified by the accounting department that a piece of information is missing. The process sometimes isn’t an easy one, but you also want to make sure you are properly reimbursed for business expenses. If you’re a part of the accounting department, it can be equally frustrating to process the expense reports with missing information. Making sure the expense qualifies is also something you need to properly track, but this type of insight is not always readily available. Until now!

A new functionality within Microsoft Dynamics® GP 2010 allows you to easily and accurately track employee expenses with mobile devices:

Let’s say you’re traveling to a convention. With Microsoft Dynamics GP, you can now use your mobile device/phone to scan receipts as you go. Once it’s scanned, it’s digitally stored and you don’t run the risk of losing receipt evidence while traveling.  Microsoft Dynamics GP then reviews the receipt making sure the expenses listed are business travel related and uploads to the expense report tracking tool for you. You will no longer be wondering if you’ve missed a large expense because you misplaced the receipt and you also won’t have to take 2-3 hours when you return to the office figuring out which expense goes with which code.

This also puts the accounting department’s minds at ease as they can trust the information coming from Microsoft Dynamics GP is complete and accurate. Processing reports no longer requires multiple emails back and forth checking on certain expenses. Expense Reports with Microsoft Dynamics GP are streamlined and automated so your employees get paid on time and the integrity of your numbers stay intact.

InterDyn LANAC Technology is a leading business consulting, development, and Microsoft Certified Training firm, specializing in Microsoft Dynamics GP. Please contact us if you’re interested in learning more about expense reporting with Microsoft Dynamics GP.

By InterDyn LANAC Technology, a leading Chicago Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner

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