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Microsoft Dynamics NAV, A Rental Management Solution Connecting Inventory with Financials

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If you’re in the rental business, tracking your equipment is extremely important.  Businesses who do not have an automated tracking system may use a manual cue card system to track rented out as well as received back into inventory.  One of our clients struggled with this manual, time-consuming, and inaccurate process. They knew it was time to look for a rental management solution flexible enough for their specific industry needs.

Open Door Technology created a customized platform on top of its Rental Management system that was specific to our client’s unique needs as a manufacturer and supplier. Our client is now realizing what they were missing before implementing Open Door Technology’s Rental Management solution, and they’re focused on the future now made possible:

Case by Case Scenarios Solved

In the rental business, different scenarios come up all the time.  Customers may lose equipment but then find it and want to return it after having to pay for it. ODT’s Rental Management solution is set up to manage case by case scenarios like these so inventory is always accurate and staff is always up-to-date.

Quicker and More Reliable Invoicing

Before ODT’s Rental Management solution, our client would only bill customers twice a month. This delayed payments and caused confusion for a lot of their customers. They now bill daily, creating a more constant cash flow and helping to ensure they get paid on time.

Information is Power

ODT’s Rental Management solution is tied into our client’s Fixed Assets within Microsoft Dynamics® NAV where all the information they need is stored. They can see what equipment is available, to whom pieces are rented out to, and when they can expect certain items back. For example, if a piece of equipment is missing, they can automatically see who last rented it and any additional details pertaining to that rental order.

For the Sales Team: This in-depth information has helped the sales team meet prospect interest and demands by answering questions with real-time information.

For the Customer Service Team: Customer service can now pull up all relevant information while on the phone with customers.

For the Warehouse: With the information now available, they can track return on investment for each piece of equipment. They can see what piece is more profitable as well as track the equipment’s upkeep expenses. They now know what type of equipment they need to have in stock as well as what pieces need maintenance at any given time.

To read the full story about our client’s situation, visit our website and download the rental management customer success story. Please contact us to see if the solution meets your industry needs.

By Malcolm Roach of Open Door Technology, Microsoft Dynamics NAV Partner based out of Calgary, Alberta

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