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FRx User Tips – Yes, We Still Support FRx!

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You may have heard that FRx is getting phased out as the “Financial Reporting Choice of Microsoft Dynamics GP”.  The primary replacement is Management Reporter – and several BI Solutions, but most of our customers are using FRx every single day.

So, instead of pushing our customers to migrate immediately, we support them in the use of FRx and continue to provide user tips to be sure they are getting the most out of their reports. Here are a few tips for the FRx Report Designer:

  • To prevent corruption of your F32 file, do NOT use any special characters in the name of your catalog ID, row, catalog or tree IDs. This includes slashes, dashes, ampersands, quotes, dollar signs, colons, and percentage signs.
  • Before and After a major revamping of your reports, we suggest you export your building blocks to a ‘backup’ drive on your system. This way if your F32 file does get corrupt, you have a quick backup to restore in which you know it worked.
  • If you do generate reports daily, it is a good idea to perform the Compact Utility (File > Compact FRx Databse) to repair your FRx system database and spec set.  Be sure all users are out of FRx before running this procedure. This will cofirm the stability of your *.F32 and FrxSys32.MDB files.
  • WHENEVER you make a change to an FRx catalog, SAVE the changes prior to running the report. We have had many circumstances in which the changes were not accepted and the F32 files were corrupt by attempting to run a report prior to saving.

We do continue to assist and train our users on FRx since they have invested their time in creating reports that work for their organizations. Although we are phasing in Management Reporter, along with Solver’s BI 360 modules for reporting, budgeting and forecasting, we understand that will take time.

If you are current on your Microsoft Support agreement, there are also several FREE FRx training courses still available.

We are also a member of the Dynamics GP User Group which continues to provide both free Dynamics Communities webcasts and nominal cost instructor led advanced courses in FRx design and processing.

If your Accounting Software partner does not support FRx and you continue to use it, try these tips and contact Collins Computing for more FRx tips– or if you are interested in hearing more about Management Reporter and BI 360 for your reporting needs, let us know!

By Collins Computing, Inc., Leading Microsoft Dynamics Gold Certified Partner based out of California

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