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How an Accounting Conference allows you to invoke ALL your senses!

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While studying at Cal State University of Long Beach, I learned that people are more attentive to subject matter through a particular sense.  So, through Auditory, Visual, Touch, or even Scent Stimulation, you can accelerate or strengthen the learning processes.

User Conferences always have educational opportunities for the attendees, but how can the learning opportunities become sessions that penetrate our brains because they have been sparked by particular “enhancers”?   Well, Microsoft has done an exceptional job at allowing users to tap into their senses during their Annual Customer Conference called Convergence!   But, before giving you a list of “Reasons to Attend Microsoft’s Customer Conference” this year, I need to get to know a bit more about YOU

Which of your senses are the most powerful to help you get all you can out of a User Conference?

If music has a positive impact on your attitude, with syncopated beats or even ambient music moving you to a relaxed state of mind, or if listening to a story from a well known national leader might motivate you to learn, then here are a few reasons you might take advantage of the events scheduled for Microsoft Convergence in March 2012!

  • Welcome Reception with American Idol finalist Chris Daughtry and his band.
  • Live Music on the main stage prior to every General Session.
  • Opening Keynote by Microsoft Executives, Kirill Tatarinov & Kevin Turner.
  • Closing Keynote headlined by General Colin L. Powell, USA (Ret), world leader & former U.S. Secretary of State, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and National Security Advisor,

Now, if you remember subject matter better by seeing it, and your senses are enhanced by particular colors and images that reach into your neural networks, perhaps some of these reasons to attend might resonate for you:

  • General Sessions featuring content such as a “Field of Dreams” that is coming true with Microsoft Dynamics.
  • Over 200 solutions available to  review and see demonstrations of at the Expo Center each day.
  • Color-Coded Sessions, Expo Booths, Help Desks, and Product Logos to help you find your way around the Conference.
  • Presentations fine-tuned for users to keep it easy on the eyes, but nourish the minds.

However, if you actually need to touch something to invoke your memory muscles and creativity, then I have a perfect set of activities happening at Convergence!

  • Volunteer opportunities during the conference assembling amenity kits and candy cups for the children at the MD Anderson Cancer center or before the conference with Habitat for Humanity rebuilding the Independence Heights community.
  • Hands-On-Labs where users can experience module tutorials or Community-sourced best practices and “Tips & Tricks” content.
  • Each year I’ve seen the opportunity to get a 15-minute Neck and Shoulder Massage while in the Community Experience center (okay, I’ve actually experienced this part…)
  • A Gaming area open between sessions to take a break between the intensity of the presentations & solutions featuring Xbox 360 and Ping Pong.

But if smells are the only thing that trigger your enthusiasm, excitement, and brain chemistry, then perhaps these activities will emotionally charge your receptive mood:

  • Breakfasts, with coffee or tea, garden-fresh fruit, and sweet syrup or biscuits to get your motor running.
  • Lunches to meet with your partner or vendors while tasting Southern dishes and drinking revitalizing refreshments.
  • Evening Receptions – Minute Maid park welcome party, home of the Astros and Chef Bryan Caswell, plus the Expo Reception and Customer Appreciation dinners at signature Houston restaurants!
  • Quick pick-me-ups lining the hallways at most session breaks.

Now of course all these activities are bookended by over 200 offerings in the concurrent session catalog, ‘birds of a feather’ networking sessions, Deep Dives into subject matter, and interactive discussions to complete the learning process.  But appealing to our specific sensory stimulant before engaging in the sessions, may help you get MORE out of your experience that you previously imagined.

For more tips on improving your Microsoft Convergence Conference experience, talk to your partner, or contact us at Collins Computing, a Gold Certified Microsoft Business Partner.  We have specific Collins Customer Webcasts and emails like these prepared for our customers to make sure they get their investment dollars back, with ‘special’ interest!

By Abra Gilman, Collins Computing, Inc. – Count on Collins, Count on Success!

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