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How do I select the best Accounting (ERP) System that will integrate with other “Line of Business” applications?

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Most companies run disparate products and databases within their operation.  You may have one vendor or application for payroll, one product for CRM (Customer Relationship Management), another for eCommerce orders, another for financial reporting, and another for a precise process you have within your organization (Leasing, Trusts, Manufacturing, etc).  So what factors should you consider when searching for an ERP system to sit in the mix?

Here are a few key items to consider:

  1. Is the solution you are reviewing flexible and easy to integrate with other applications or data sources?
  2. If the solution/vendor suggests you simplify your process, does it still fit your real-life business needs?
  3. Can the solution/vendor offer assistance or resources in bringing in your current products if that is necessary in the future?
  4. Does the solution offer integration strategies if you are NOT utilizing the same platform? (Web Services/Microsoft.NET)?

Microsoft has  an ongoing blog series based on the Twitter feed #ERPONYOURTERMS which focuses on various questions as you move thru the evaluation stage of selecting a new system.  I encourage you to read the entry on integration options and real-life customer experiences, but also the entire series, starting with the first, “turning your vision into a reality”

Whether you need a solution to replace existing products and applications, or integrate with some of your legacy software, be sure the partner you choose to implement and support you thru this experience is an expert in the solution.  Collins Computing is a Gold Certified Microsoft Dynamics partner, and we encourage you to find our “Why Collins” is a smart selection for your ERP solution needs.

Visit our website to understand our service options, contact us, or download a product information sheet for the Microsoft Dynamics products we implement.

By Abra Lynne Gilman, Collins Computing, Inc.  Gold Certified Microsoft Partner – Count on Collins, Count on Success

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