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It May be Time for Your Canadian Organization to Adopt Mobility!

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Organizations are better able to utilize mobile solutions due to the number of smartphone users

Last summer, we wrote about the rate of adoptability among Canadians for mobile technology. It’s at the highest it’s ever been! With over 6.6 million smartphone users, you can bet they’re doing more than just receiving and placing calls on their phones. So what does this mean for your business? Opportunity!!

In our previous post, we discussed the fact that your employees are more likely to adopt mobile technology now that smartphone ownership is skyrocketing. User adoption is necessary in the workplace to ensure technology works in the right way. Mobility keeps everyone on the same page and if everyone enjoys reading that page, then optimal productivity is also realized.

Steve Reynolds of TBS Enterprise Mobility has been working in the mobility sector for twenty years and describes the recent growth of smartphone technology as “meteoric”. Last year the worldwide growth was in the region of one thousand percent according to Reynolds.

“The opportunity is here because people expect more from their technology,” Reynolds said.

With the growth of mobile technology expected to increase even more, Reynolds encourages organizations to start developing a strategy to take advantage of mobility solutions.

By implementing a field mobility solution in the workforce, you can expect lower operating costs, improved productivity, and a reduction in the paperwork burden. Think for a moment about all your manual processes and the time it takes to get one piece of information to the right people. This lack of real-time insight is halting your growth and hurting your business. You may not be servicing your customers in the best way possible and you could be losing money in areas you didn’t even know possible. Mobile solutions can solve all of that and now that your employees pretty much expect that type of functionality, it may be the time to act. Contact us at Open Door Technology to explore mobility solution options for your business.   Ask us about our new Smartphone clients for field service.

By Malcolm Roach of Open Door Technology, Microsoft Dynamics NAV and TBS Mobility Solutions Partner based out of Calgary, Alberta

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