Be Leery of Terminology! Know the Features and Functionality of the Right Accounting Software

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Every business has its own terminology. For example, many of us refer to our customers as “customers”. However, professionals tend to refer to them as “clients”, while conference organizers refer to them as “participants” or “attendees”. The list goes on.

As you would expect, products targeted towards a specific industry will use the appropriate industry specific terminology throughout their product. Products targeted towards many different types of businesses will use more generic terminology throughout their product.  This makes sense – right?

The problem is that many people fall into the trap of concluding that just because a product contains their particular terminology, that it must be ideally suited for their needs. I can assure you, it takes a quantum leap jump to reach this conclusion. Avoid being lured in by a product’s industry specific terminology. Instead, look past the terminology for specific features, functionality, and modules.

The benefits of Microsoft Dynamics® GP are clear, no matter what terminology you’re familiar with:

  • Microsoft Dynamics GP’s Integration with familiar products, such as Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Excel makes for a streamlined work flow and is a top feature of the product.
  • Microsoft Dynamics GP provides functionality to help you compare budgets, forecasts, and plans to actual performance. It also gives you the ability to update budgets and plans on the basis of new data and analyses to help your business stay competitive.
  • There are oodles of Modules within Microsoft Dynamics GP . For example, Receivables Management in Microsoft Dynamics GP helps you maintain tight control over Accounts Receivables by providing the capabilities to help you track invoices, process receipts, and analyze customer activity.

InterDyn LANAC Technology is a leading business consulting and development firm, specializing in Microsoft Dynamics GP, that serves mid-market organizations to provide business and information automation to help them drive increased productivity.

By InterDyn LANAC Technology, a leading Chicago, Illinois Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner

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