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Manage Financial Accountability and Compliance with Microsoft Dynamics GP

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The cost of regulatory compliance and financial accountability can be significant, but the cost of failing to comply with legal requirements or mandates from customers can be far higher. Whether you need to comply with Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA, GASB, or any other regulatory or corporate standard, integrity of your information is critical.

Microsoft Dynamics GP provides the transparency, traceability, and accountability you need to comply with complex regulatory requirements and to manage risk. Here’s how:

  • Set and manage security restrictions on any data fields, windows, and forms with Field Level Security in Microsoft Dynamics GP.
  • Track and report on any changes to any data fields and tables, and document approval of any changes, with Audit Trails and Electronic Signatures for Microsoft Dynamics GP.
  • Minimize the cost of audits by reducing the number of audit observations and the amount of time needed to assemble transaction history, by using SmartView in Audit Trails.
  • Free up information technology (IT) resources for essential functions in compliance management, and remove busywork from IT, by using Microsoft Dynamics GP functionality that is centrally managed and shares a common database, with minimal need for any additional background system management tasks.
  • Implement business roles to give employees a reliable framework for realizing compliance, also reducing the chance of human error and omissions.
  • Make compliance reports and other information available for efficient, centrally managed review and collaboration on your company’s extranet or intranet sites, built on Microsoft Office SharePoint Server or Windows SharePoint Services.
  • Use Analytical Accounting for Microsoft Dynamics GP for flexible and extensible reporting on compliance-related information, as well as other important business data.
  • Monitor compliance efforts and other business events by creating personal or RoleTailored alerts that keep you informed and prompt you to take action when certain values and conditions occur in a Microsoft Dynamics GP data table.
  • Keep tabs on changing business conditions with custom reminders, based on SmartList query results, on your personalized home page in Microsoft Dynamics GP.
  • Share compliance information or business performance data by making Microsoft Dynamics key performance indicators (KPIs) available on your company’s intranet site, promoting smart business decisions based on all relevant information.
  • Integrate Microsoft Dynamics GP with Microsoft Forecaster to inform realistic budgeting and proactively manage compliance and other business objectives.

The above functionality is just the start of how Microsoft Dynamics GP ensures you manage financial accountability and compliance with ease. SSi Consulting is a Gold-Certified partner serving customers in the Mid-Atlantic area offering hosted Microsoft Dynamics GP and Microsoft Dynamics SL at low monthly rates.

By Bill Aiton with SSi Consulting, Mid Atlantic Microsoft Partner

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