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Management Reporter is ready for PrimeTime – come thee all FRx users!

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While at Microsoft’s Customer Conference – Convergence 2012, we were treated to not only the new features available in Management Reporter 2012, but also the exact steps to bringing current FRx reports into the Management Reporter environment, with ease!  We saw specific examples of real report definitions being brought across, how to circumvent any potential  issues, and any steps we can take to verify the current FRx layouts and building blocks are both necessary – and error free.  Contents for these FRx to Mangement Reporter Migration Sessions and Management Reporter 2012 Sessions are available on the Convergence virtual website if you were an attendee – if not, ask your Microsoft Solution Partner (like Collins Computing, Inc.) to fill you in on the features!

The Migration Wizard built to bring FRx building blocks into Management Reporter is effectively used if you first start with these basic “Best Practices”:

1.  Install Management Reporter with a test company that points to your Microsoft Dynamics ERP database.

2.  Build a ROW in Management Reporter using the “Edit/Insert” rows from your Chart of Accounts.  If this works, you know the installation can effectively read your ERP data.

3.  Within your current installation of FRx – backup your sysdata, make sure ALL users are out of FRx, delete any un-needed building blocks (there are tips to finding out what is used), and delete your *.g32 files.

4. Go into each company and set it as the default company.  This will rebuild your *.g32 files.  Compact your system databases.

These simple steps will help the migration wizard by ensuring you have clean data going in.  But then the wizard is able to let you know about stranded building blocks and missing accounts with the newest features added in Management Reporter 2012.

The good news is that you can be on Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 or AX 2009 or AX 2012 to use Management Reporter 2012~!  So the 30+ GREAT new benefits of the product are available to you!  Here are a few of my favorites:

  • Design Flexibility! – Ability to quickly identify accounts and dimensions left out of building blocks; control how account descriptions are displayed; format headers for rolling forecasts.
  • Deeper ERP Integration! – Import ERP companies with one click; include Analytical Accounting company information; Database optimization for financial reporting without ERP impact.
  • Report Collaboration! – Publish secured report output options of .xps or .xls personalization; schedule and publish reports with more flexibility; email reports or links to view with or without report viewer.
  • Interactive Report Viewing! – Attach comments to rows within a report version; copy comments from version to version; locate key features in Report Viewer and launch instant messenger to collaborate during viewing.

With these extended features added to a solution that many customers have already been successfully using only solidifies the excitement we have for this ever expanding financial reporting solution.

Ask your Microsoft Dynamics solution provider for more information on Management Reporter 2012, and the details for bringing this tool into your organization, or contact Collins Computing, a Gold Certified Partner for Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM solutions.

By Abra Lynne Gilman, Senior Consultant, Collins Computing – Experts in Implementing and Supporting Microsoft Dynamics

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