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Microsoft Dynamics AX vs. Microsoft Dynamics NAV: What are the Key Differences?

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There may not be as many differences as you think between Microsoft Dynamics® AX and Microsoft Dynamics NAV. One major difference is Microsoft Dynamics AX is positioned in the ‘Tier One’ space with SAP and Oracle while Microsoft Dynamics NAV continues to be the most popular mid-market system in the world.

As with all Tier One products, Microsoft Dynamics AX comes at a higher price point than NAV. This is mostly because of the implementation services required for the more complex feature set and complex environment typically found in Tier One implementations. Microsoft Dynamics NAV promises “rapid time to value” and offers very comprehensive features with advantages in flexibility, speed of implementation, ease of use, and the ongoing effort and cost to maintain the system.

Despite the price differences, both Microsoft Dynamics AX and Microsoft Dynamics NAV are excellent products with very comparable functionality. Dynamics AX is rapidly gaining acceptance in the Tier One space whereas Dynamics NAV is typically the best choice for companies with up to and potentially over two hundred concurrent users. Companies do have to confirm a functionality match but that is true even for Microsoft Dynamics AX.

So with more similarities than differences, you will need to carefully explore what your company really needs before choosing the ERP solution that will work best for you. If you would like to discuss this with us, please feel free to contact Malcolm at 877-777-7764.

By Malcolm Roach of Open Door Technology, Microsoft Dynamics Partner based out of Calgary, Alberta


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