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Microsoft Dynamics ERP Meets Key Requirements in the Storage Industry

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Accounting Software for the storage industry can make or break the success of your company. This is why you need to carefully make a decision that will benefit you to the fullest. Your Storage Company can grow large with the help of a good inventory and accounting package. Using the right ERP software, you can increase your profits while at the same time reducing the amount of time you spend on accounting and related tasks. Here are five tasks an accounting solution should make possible without a doubt and how Microsoft Dynamics® ERP meets those requirements:

  1. Systemized Data Storage
    Microsoft Dynamics ERP helps you store data in a systematic way and decreases manual error because of its automated and integrated framework.
  2. Financial Data available at your Fingertips
    Microsoft Dynamics ERP’s user friendly and familiar user interface makes data easy to pull and understand.
  3. Faster Invoicing
    Microsoft Dynamics ERP helps you prepare invoices for your customers more quickly and efficiently. Any discounted rates and applicable taxes are calculated by the software and it also remembers the individual cost of each item supplied to any particular customer on their last invoice – so that you can get a quick picture of your clients’ purchasing habits. Invoices can be custom-made to suit your business and can be easily prepared by your employees
  4. Receivables Tracking
    Microsoft Dynamics ERP will keep track of your receivables and is also useful in keeping track of your customers. You can keep track of overdue payments and remind your customers through payment-reminder letters, which can be generated by the software. This feature helps you improve your cash flow and identify customers that may be high credit risks
  5. Faster and More Accurate Calculation of your Taxes
    Microsoft Dynamics ERP helps you calculate your taxes on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis. This feature helps you reserve money so that you are not put in a difficult position if you have to pay more taxes than you originally anticipated. You can also compare this year’s tax figures with your previous year’s figures to get an accurate idea of the difference in your yearly tax amounts. If they are going up, you can be proactive and look for ways to control the increase.

EWS Group was founded with the goal of developing software for the moving and storage industry that would dramatically improve its ability to quickly obtain real time operational and financial information. With direct integrations into Microsoft Dynamics® CRM and Microsoft Dynamics® GP, we are able to provide professional movers complete and robust solutions to run their businesses successfully.

By Allan Lamar with EWS Group, a leading Colorado Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner

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