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Microsoft Dynamics GP Tips and Tricks for Customers

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Our Microsoft Dynamics customers LOVE when we post “Tips and Tricks” in our Customer Newsletters.  I mean, who doesn’t love finding little treasures of information to quickly speed up processes we do everyday!  I admit I term myself a “geek” at how excited I get when I find a new trick to share with my customers.

So, where do I get my information?  Well, mostly from Microsoft technicians these days, since I’ve used the system for approximately 17 years.  But Accolade Publishing furnishes me with tricks I’ve missed or forgotten about every once in a while.  We suggest our newer Microsoft Dynamics GP customers use their “Closing Dynamics GP” manual their first year, and then refer to it EACH year they close their books.  It’s not that you can’t get the information thru us, their Microsoft partner, or even the Help files or Customersource website.  But the Accolade books do a great job at breaking down the closing in a ‘user friendly’ way that makes the process not so intimidating.

Customers who purchase a book through Accolade are entitled to their monthly newsletter, which always has at least two User Tips included.  You can also sign up for Accolade’s Free Microsoft Dynamics Newsletter .  Here are a couple of samples of User tips I’ve enjoyed recently (with some extra ideas thrown in):

How to have multiple GP windows show on your screen instead of ‘hiding’ behind the home page. With Version 10, GP adopted the normal independent windows model.  Each window is an independent task and when launched, it appears listed in the task bar.  When you click off of that window, some other window comes to the front and frequently covers or hides the first open window.  The window is not minimized, it is covered!

If you are running GP with the home page full screen, just click on the multi-window icon in the upper right corner of the window (next to the minimize icon) to show multiple open windows on your desktop.

Alternatively, you can right click at the bottom right side of your monitor and select the “Tile Windows Horizontally” to show several open windows concurrently.

Make Smartlists run faster. Microsoft provided SmartLists generally touch several tables and run by default until they have retrieved the first 1000 records out of the db. This can take some time in busy sites with lots of data.

Two suggestions – the first is to change the default record count on all SmartLists to 100-200 (Tools > System > Setup > Smartlist Options). Users typically pull smartlists as lookups. When they get the default list open, they enter search criteria and try to find certian records. They usually dont need more than a few records. Those few that want the “run of the database” can change the record count when they enter their search criteria.

The second suggestion is to use SmartList Builder and recreate the SmartLists using only the primary tables. For example, you can rebuild the SOP sales order transaction smartlist and typically cut down the runtime tremendously.

Is your Accounting System partner sharing tips with you to make your day more streamlined?  If not, contact Collins Computing to talk about all the advantages we provide to our customers on a continual basis!

By Collins Computing, Inc., Leading Microsoft Dynamics Gold Certified Partner based out of California

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