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Microsoft Dynamics GP Tips for ACA Compliance

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Iris Schimke is CEO of Express Information Systems, a Texas Microsoft Dynamics GP partner.

The clock is running out for year end procedures, a major component of which is ACA compliance. Did you cross out all the Ts and dot all of the Is? Check out this ACA training video from Microsoft’s Terry Heley to ensure you’re all set up.

ACA Rollout Timeline

The first thing Heley points out is that there are two phases to the ACA rollout – tracking (released in the year-end update for Dynamics GP 2013 and 2015), and forms, which are slated for a code drop in March. Dynamics GP 2010 did not receive these tracking updates. Heley said next year there will not even be a year-end update, underlying the importance that those with Dynamics GP 2010 need to upgrade by then.

Installations for Dynamics GP

In addition to installing the year-end, Human Resources Management also needs to be installed, which is now free for the 2013 software version. It is also recommended that businesses download free Deduction in Arrears (DIA) extension to cover premiums for those who may have missed work or didn’t make enough during the year.

Dynamics GP Next Steps

In addition to installing HR and DIA, the next step would be to reconcile benefits from payroll to HR, then enter dependents and ACA information. Heley pointed out that a lot of the changes are in HR, not payroll. Benefits, deductions and dependents are the most pertinent changes for HR at the end of 2014, but after ACA compliance has been reconciled, users can take a look at the other things HR can do for them. Finally, there were no changes to the business portal and self service was updated. For more information on completing your year end ACA requirements for Microsoft Dynamics GP, check out Heley’s ACA training video, as well as the 2015 Microsoft ACA blog.

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