Updated Risk Assessment Audit Standards; Why you Should be Prepared

According to this article, The Public Company Accounting Oversight Board has adopted new risk-assessment standards for audits conducted for fiscal periods starting on or after Dec. 15, 2010. “These new standards are a significant step in promoting sophisticated risk … Read more


How Incremental Cash Flow Analysis Helps Increase Your ROI

Incremental cash flow analysis is the increase or decrease in cash flows that are specifically attributable to a management action. So if your management team is attempting to improve the capacity of a machine, the cash flow resulting from the … Read more


Mergers and Acquisitions are becoming increasingly more common these days as companies are having difficulty making it through the hard economic times or finding resources to fund planned growth.   An acquisition can be a great thing in either scenario, but … Read more


Financial Management Strategy with Microsoft Dynamics NAV

New business is obviously the key to growth, but maintaining the business you already have in a streamlined and efficient way is just as important. Sustainability keeps the world (and our businesses) running. Growth is that other side of the … Read more


Since collection begins with the granting of credit and the billing process, a wide range of techniques have been practiced through the years. The result? Far too many tips and tricks to keep track of! Here are the top 5 … Read more


We all know it is important to create a chart of accounts that is unlikely to change for several years, so that you can compare the results in the same account over a multi-year period. If you start with a … Read more


2010 has already been a crazy year for federal taxes. There have been many new tax breaks for homeowners and businesses alike. According to this article, there are also looming questions for 2010 and 2011. Such as, will proposed … Read more


Most employees work a standard 40-hour week, and perform the same tasks over and over again, week after week.  However, the typical time tracking system requires them to complete a timesheet every week.  Since they see no point in submitting … Read more


Do you ever wish you had a magic ball to provide insight into the inner workings of your customer base and show you the way to a profitable future? Unfortunately, we haven’t found the magic ball, but please let us … Read more


According to this article on CPA Technology Advisor, “While there are many successful products that use the hybrid model, including many banking and payroll applications, the demise of on-premise software will not occur overnight. Locally installed, Windows-based accounting software … Read more





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