Organizations investigating mid-market Accounts and ERP software will usually produce a shortlist of products. In the UK, the shortlists will often include Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Sage 200.  So how do they compare, and why would you choose one over … Read more


Healthcare organizations throughout the US are grappling with the new Electronic Medical Records requirements and opportunities created by recent legislation.  While larger hospitals and integrated healthcare systems have been planning for and working with these systems for years many smaller … Read more


Have you looked at your document approval process lately? Is it streamlined or do you have places that are adding costly time and inefficiencies to your process? Studies have shown that processing a single purchase order can cost up to … Read more


Classify your Business and the Right Accounting Software will Come

Accounting is one of the most important processes in any company. It is essentially even more important than the production and selling of goods and services. Flow of revenues and expenditures ultimately decides the fate of a company as well … Read more


One way to minimize the chances of falling into a financial crisis is to pay attention to the experts who saw the last one coming. Learning from those who went before us is a secure and smart way to ensure … Read more


Accounting software is an essential tool for your business, allowing you to keep track of all your financial data, and easily produce reports for effective planning. But because you’ll be using your accounting software frequently, it’s important to get to … Read more


Better Manage Credit Union Financial Operations

In today’s marketplace, credit unions face competition from community banks, money center banks, thrifts, other credit unions, insurance and brokerage firms, and even large retailers that are expanding into banking services. This ever growing competition is all the more reason … Read more


What’s the Best Way to Manage your Business Debt in a Tough Credit Environment?

Debt financing can be a real help to business in the management of cash resources. However there are many forms of debt and not all forms will work for all business types.  In fact, there are times where taking on … Read more


With Activity Based Costing, BI, dashboards, KPI’s, metrics, are monthly internal financial statements becoming obsolete? In today’s world, you may believe that you could produce more meaningful statements using BI and other systems, rather than the accounting system…Three reasons Monthly Read more


For more than a decade, accounting professionals have been advised to get their practice online, it’s imperative for them to be competitive in the future. In reality, if you don’t have a website…no one will find you. Benefits of online … Read more





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