Profit and Loss Reporting by Truck Unit for Trucking Company

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Without an accurate snapshot of how much you spend and how much you bring in, how is it possible to really know where your business stands? And how will you make informed decisions that will ultimately increase your profits and decrease your losses?

One of our clients understood this pain.  Their current fleet has 100+ trucks and it is critical that they are able to show a true snapshot of each P&L by truck unit.   We wrote integrations into Microsoft Dynamics® GP that uploads fuel expenses, repairs and maintenance for each truck into the General Ledger.   The P&L statements now show the revenue as well as the costs associated with each truck – allowing them to make informed decisions on whether to fix their trucks or purchase new if a truck is costing more in repairs than revenue generated.   In addition, we helped them restructure their account segments within their General Ledger to show the information they needed to see, bringing more relevant data top of mind for their executive team.

Another pain point for our client was the need to create special electronic invoices for some of their customers.  We built custom integrations that automatically upload data into Microsoft Dynamics GP, creating both the back office invoice – and the customer’s electronic invoice.  Our client no longer wastes time and money printing and mailing invoices – and are able to meet the unique needs of each customer.

Visit our website to download the full case study and learn how M & R Trucking, Inc. was able to fully leverage their Microsoft Dynamics GP solution.

By Sherwood Systems, an Arizona Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner

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