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Rental Management Companies Can Benefit from Equipment Tracking in More than One Way

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In a rental business, being able to track your rental equipment at a glance is of utmost importance. Your profitability relies on knowing exactly when your assets are available and utilizing every profitable moment. Imagine the advantages of being able to not only tracking your equipment but calculating the profit you can expect. Take one step further and pair this visibility into your organization with a Mobility Solutions system. This system allows your field workers to process rentals quickly and efficiently by reporting back to the office on the condition of the equipment, if repairs are needed, or if it’s ready to be rented or not.

Many rental businesses are not able to see this level of timely and accurate detail. We conducted a recent survey across the rental industry asking companies what sort of business system they had in place. All the companies we talked to had implemented general ERP packets with no rental industry specific customization. Not one company was using a rental specific solution. These companies are pulling reports with the figures they need for their industry then doing the compilation work to get the information they actually need. Not having real-time information hinders a company’s ability to make critical business decisions.

Open Door Technology offers Rental Management to address this need for an industry-specific rental solution. Rental Management is a comprehensive system utilizing the power of Microsoft Dynamics® NAV. Integration with Microsoft Dynamics NAV offers access to a full suite of other modules including financials, purchasing, customer relationship management, service management, manufacturing, job cost, warehouse management, human resources and payroll. Visit our website to download our Rental Management brochure and find out the benefits an industry specific solution can create for you.

By Malcolm Roach of Open Door Technology, Microsoft Dynamics NAV Partner based out of Calgary, Alberta

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