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SSi Client Working with Not-for-Profits Realizes their Potential with Microsoft Dynamics GP

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Truist is a company with a great story to tell and we’ve recently been able to create a case study that articulates the benefits they are seeing. By fully leveraging their Microsoft Dynamics® GP solution, they are able to realize three main benefits in return. Let’s take a closer look…

Benefit #1: Reduced Data Entry
Like most companies out there, Truist was fully accustomed to manual entry of data into their accounting system before we came in to help. Now they take advantage of automated uploads, seamless reporting capabilities, and proper invoice tracking. For example, Truist was forced to follow up with clients, sometimes three months after the service was actually provided, causing questions and delayed payments. Now with Microsoft Dynamics GP, they can create invoices and send them out automatically. They can easily dive into invoice details, such as date sent, to whom and they can even set up dates for reminders. This automated process makes it easy for them to collect funds when due, so it’s fresh in their client’s minds and pertinent to their current budgets.

Benefit #2: Timely Reporting

Since Truist is essentially servicing both not-for-profits as well as for-profit corporations, they have intricate reporting needs. They provide the software for corporations so it’s easy for them to make donations to not-for-profits and also ensures those donations get distributed accordingly. With Microsoft Dynamics GP, they can see when and how much was collected for a certain client and when and where it’s been paid out to in real time.

Benefit #3: Marketing Made Easy

Before Microsoft Dynamics GP, the Marketing Manager of Truist would wait two weeks for a response on what her current marketing budget was in relation to up-to-date views of total spend for the year. Now it takes a matter of five minutes to figure out her current marketing budget, allowing for more effective marketing and better use of their overall budget.

Visit our website to download the full case study and learn how Truist was able to fully leverage their Microsoft Dynamics GP solution. SSi Consulting is a Gold-Certified partner serving customers in the Mid-Atlantic area offering hosted Microsoft Dynamics GP.

By Bill Aiton with SSi Consulting, Mid Atlantic Microsoft Partner

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