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Stop Waiting 7-10 Days! Ship in TWO minutes with Microsoft Dynamics GP

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Order processing should not take days to process. This is when customers get extremely frustrated and move on to the next supplier. Customer demands have increased in recent years and they want what they ordered…yesterday! So how can you adhere to these expectations while maintaining a low cost operation?

Companies are realizing that Microsoft Dynamics® GP allows you to process orders in a matter of two minutes by just a click of a button. This type of functionality makes it possible to meet customer demands, without the extra resources (and not to mention extra money in payroll). If you can streamline your order processing while maintaining and increasing your customer database without extra costs…then what do you have to lose??

With Microsoft Dynamics GP, you can make the once manual task of order processing to a streamlined and seamless procedure that creates real-time insight. Same day shipping also meets the demands of your customers, increasing customer satisfaction. When your customers are satisfied, it’s possible to sustain your business and grow your profit margins.  The real-time insight also helps you create accurate forecasting for future customer demand. The user-friendly and intuitive dashboard of Microsoft Dynamics GP helps you realize buying trends, so you’re never surprised with less or more inventory than you need.

Watch this video to learn how one company increases their margins with Microsoft Dynamics GP. They can take hundreds orders in minutes with one person managing it as well as forecast what their orders will look like tomorrow, next month, and years ahead. Contact us here at T3 Information Systems if you have any questions about order processing functionality with Microsoft Dynamics GP.


By T3 Information Systems, a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner based out of Washington DC


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