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Tablet Computers Entering the Business Mainstream

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The functionality in a tablet computer now exceeds all our prior expectations, and the numbers validate this from 2010 and 2011:

The number of tablets sold worldwide in 2010 compared to 2011 saw a dramatic increase, which far exceeded industry expectations. An estimated 19.7 million tablet PC’s were shipped worldwide in 2010 with an estimated 35 million predicted for 2011.

The popularity of the tablet has made organizations think outside the box in terms of their desktop computers. With mobility needs increasing, businesses need to realize the tablet is their next ticket to advanced functionality, flexibility and…the future. Businesses that have mobile capabilities have an advantage over their immobile competitors. And with more employees asking for convenience and choice in hardware, tablets are being sought to accommodate accounting and business enterprise needs.

Despite some limitations, many organizations with field workers see an advantage to equipping their workforce with tablets to take advantage of the instant-on ability, longer battery life, ease of use, and portability. The truth is that portable computers have a low rate of adoption for most applications and the tablet offers a viable way to change that.

Organizations reluctant to consider tablets may change their minds as iPads become increasingly popular in the workplace and tablets running a tablet-friendly Windows 8 debuting sometime in 2012. A tablet running Windows 8 blends the flexibility of a tablet with the functionality of a laptop by running Microsoft Office applications such as Word and Excel, which are not available on the iPad. Microsoft has released a video overview of Windows 8 running on a tablet and the initial reactions are positive.

As you consider your mobility needs, don’t rule out tablets. The next several months will see significant improvement in the software becoming available for the mobility market. Contact Open Door Technology for more information on what a tablet offering can do for your organization.

By Malcolm Roach of Open Door Technology, Microsoft Dynamics NAV and TBS Mobility Solutions Partner based out of Calgary, Alberta


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