There may not be as many differences as you think between Microsoft Dynamics® AX and Microsoft Dynamics NAV. One major difference is Microsoft Dynamics AX is positioned in the ‘Tier One’ space with SAP and Oracle while Microsoft Dynamics … Read more


If managing your rental assets gives you an excruciating headache, it may be time to look for a new solution to fix the process. Whether you’re struggling to keep up with what equipment is coming in and or going out … Read more


One of the many benefits of a solution like Microsoft Dynamics® NAV is that it can store virtually unlimited amounts of easily retrievable historical data for future reference. In the past getting out data was a major problem for many … Read more


Organizations are better able to utilize mobile solutions due to the number of smartphone users

Last summer, we wrote about the rate of adoptability among Canadians for mobile technology. It’s at the highest it’s ever been! With over 6.6 … Read more


Direct deposit is an all-around good idea because of the check processing steps and costs you can avoid.  First, checks must be printed, signed, stuffed into envelopes, and distributed to your employees as well as your vendors. There are … Read more





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