As an ERP financial management and project accounting software system, Microsoft Dynamic SL is an optimum business fit for government contractors and other project-centric companies. Unlike other Dynamics products, it has a robust Project Management and Accounting series of modules … Read more


Software in the cloud is a very broad term and it isn’t really defined what it means for your accounting department.  Cloud computing offers affordable, high-end IT technology, it removes the hassle from software and hardware upgrades, and it provides … Read more


Should You Really Switch to Online Accounting Software? When On-Premises is Best

Many of you are wondering if online would be a better option for your business processes. Let’s take a look at a few scenarios when it is in fact NOT the best option…

  1. Let’s say your company holds data that
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Microsoft’s cloud computing solutions can help you meet your current and future IT challenges through choice and flexibility. Even with these benefits, it is important to enter the cloud with caution. Concerns about security, privacy, reliability, and operational control top … Read more





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