As an ERP financial management and project accounting software system, Microsoft Dynamic SL is an optimum business fit for government contractors and other project-centric companies. Unlike other Dynamics products, it has a robust Project Management and Accounting series of modules … Read more


Many companies are choosing to reassess their deployment situation, whether it’s in the cloud, on-premises, or a hybrid of both.  There are many benefits for each method of deployment, but many businesses shy away from the cloud due to security … Read more


Okay, perhaps they won’t literally be in the clouds, but many of our existing customers are excited for their Accounting system users to have the ability to use Microsoft Dynamics from a web browser instead of thru direct connections or … Read more


I have been working with our network services department on a webinar for disaster proofing business data.  It was an easier task than most marketing campaigns because I am learning that many businesses do not even know if they … Read more


  1. Better Patient Care

When you’re in the business of caring for patients, you’ve got to  focus on them. That’s why our line of healthcare accounting software solutions are so vital to healthcare institutions that want their back-end operations to run … Read more


During your research of ERP software, you probably considered various deployment options and read an article or two about Cloud-computing.  Powerful ERP software, like Microsoft Dynamics® GP, offers the ability to reduce costs, control data management, and improve productivity.  … Read more


Companies can realize a number of benefits from choosing cloud applications, including fast deployment speed, subscription based pricing, and anytime/anywhere access. The key here is to measure these benefits over time to see if the value brought will pay off … Read more


There are many sides to this question and, to be frank, most apply to any accounting or Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, not just equipment rentals.  I’ll discuss three issues that are pertinent.

The first is technology.  Supporters of … Read more


Microsoft announced its cloud computing plans for the four-product Microsoft Dynamics® ERP family at Convergence this year.  They said that each major new release in the Dynamics family will have a cloud version, starting with Microsoft Dynamics NAV next year … Read more


Benefits of Cloud Computing for the Finance Department

The demands on the finance department—from real-time reporting to global consolidation—have increased significantly as financial software choices have become much more complex. By embracing new-breed ­financial software solutions, organizations of all sizes are achieving and enjoying the unprecedented ‑flexibility … Read more





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