By now most CFOs, accounting professionals, and others involved in resource tracking are well aware of Microsoft Dynamics. Unfortunately, many businesses use it as little more than a glorified ledger, failing to take advantage of some of its capabilities. Similarly, Read more


A survey conducted by the Brunswick Group LLC indicates that 2010 may reverse the recent lack of activity in mergers and acquisitions. According to the poll, 78% of responding bankers, lawyers, and advisors in the M&A community expect activity to … Read more


Companies who want to learn how to evaluate ERP/accounting software systems need to understand ISV modules. If you are looking at a system like Microsoft Dynamics GP, the partner you are working with will likely recommend one or more add-on … Read more


When a company decides that it is time to upgrade from accounting software like QuickBooks, the first question is: “How much does it cost?” It’s not as easy as finding a price tag on the bottom of the box.  … Read more





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