Classify your Business and the Right Accounting Software will Come

Accounting is one of the most important processes in any company. It is essentially even more important than the production and selling of goods and services. Flow of revenues and expenditures ultimately decides the fate of a company as well … Read more


Accounting Software and Manufacturing Software Unite!

If you’ve worked for more than one manufacturing company, you know that each one is different. Different processes, systems, problems—all this mean you need a system tailored to your needs. One important question to ask when finding solutions to your … Read more


With the abundant variety of accounting software packages available globally, training is crucial to accounting. Regardless of which solution a business uses, training will help eliminate some of the confusion in using large systems.

With Accounting Software, retrieving financial data … Read more


Some say there are over 4,000 common features found in the top accounting- software packages, but we of course don’t have the time to examine those features.  However, there is an initial test to find out if the software is … Read more


It seems with most releases of new accounting software, developers attempt to one-up each οthеr with more аnԁ more features. WhіƖе more features саn сеrtаіnƖу bе ехсеƖƖеnt in ѕοmе aspects οf financial software (summaries аnԁ reports, fοr instance), thеrе іѕ … Read more


If you’re struggling with your current accounting solution, you may be running into continued reliance on Excel, or even worse paper, to collect and process your accounting information. Key insights might be out of the view of your team … Read more


Gain Financial Reporting Insight with Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010

Make your financial management process work for your business by using Microsoft Dynamics® GP 2010. Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 has financial management functions that help you reduce time spent on routine tasks. With tight integration between modules, you can enter … Read more


How to Report Prepaid Expenses and Unearned Revenues

In accounting, prepaid expenses and unearned revenues are considered prepayments by accountants. This is defined as money has exchanged hands but the expense or revenue is not recorded due to the expense has not been incurred yet or the revenue … Read more


Successful management of a not-for-profit organization requires providing high-quality service as well as careful administration at the same time. Reducing expenses and automating processes are ongoing requirements to stay afloat. Each type of not-for-profit organization has unique management needs. For … Read more


Test the Agility of your Accounting Software

Agility is a competitive differentiator; agile businesses “turn on a dime” and want to adopt new business models, launch new products quickly, dominate global markets, and drive efficiencies throughout their supply chains. These businesses look for information technology (IT) as … Read more





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