This weighted question can have a lot of meaning for you and your company.  But the number one thing to keep in mind when planning for your company’s future is finances.  As your business grows, makes acquisitions, adds locations or … Read more


The annual budgeting and planning process is an opportunity for organizations to improve their forecasting and financial functions. Taking time to scrutinize the process and make improvements will pay off and reduce the hassle. But where do you begin? Here … Read more


Tax season sometimes brings about stress for businesses.  The reason behind this is that some businesses don’t have a clear picture into their financial situation.  And this is a red flag to the IRS.  If you spend time running around … Read more


Trying to maintain control over accounting for businesses that have route sales, pre-order opportunities, deliveries or mobile equipment support, or when inventory is often supplied to customers while in transit as well as out of the warehouse can be a … Read more


As a software sales consultant, I spend a lot of time discussing the business requirements for new business software and implementation processes with our prospects and clients.  Invariably there is someone on the decision making team that begins to nay-say … Read more


Businesses usually open their doors with basic accounting software and great ideas.  Whether it’s months or years, business gets rolling and it gets harder and harder to keep on top of important accounting and financials with basic software.  Moving accounting … Read more


Accounting can be a slippery slope in regard to compliance and financial gaps. Reports even show that instead of companies investing in accounting software, they actually alter their financial results. Don’t take this short cut at your organization. It may … Read more


When you think about your business operations, what is the one area that affects everything and what area is also affected by everything else?  That’s right, your accounting.  After all, the goal is to have enough money to keep running … Read more


While not every business works on the calendar year, it seems timely to discuss some important year end tips and ideas.  Besides reconciling the books, it is a good time to reflect back on the successes of the last year.… Read more


Manual book keeping or even using Microsoft Excel spreadsheets are approaching the end of their time; especially if your business is trying to keep up with the competition out there today.  While you could take a horse and carriage to … Read more





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