Your company may be in a growth spurt after the recent economic shift, or you may just be preparing for possible growth down the road. Either way, accounting software supports your plans for growth in a number of ways, but … Read more


Make Secure Payments with Safe Pay for Microsoft Dynamics GP

Are your payments secured?

Like many organizations, you are constantly sending out checks to pay vendors, employees, and many other people who you do work with.  Unfortunately not everyone has good intentions and sometimes mistakes can happen.

Lately, check fraud … Read more


During your research of ERP software, you probably considered various deployment options and read an article or two about Cloud-computing.  Powerful ERP software, like Microsoft Dynamics® GP, offers the ability to reduce costs, control data management, and improve productivity.  … Read more


Management Reporter 2012 is scheduled to release in the March to April 2012 time frame and reported to have richer report views and report output flexibility.  Technology is always updating and making improvements that will make our jobs that much … Read more


2012 Brings Software Tidings of Great Joy! A Profitable Way to Spend Your Year-End Money

If you were careful with your budget this year like so many companies still leery of the unstable economy, then you might have some extra dollars as you near the end of the year. So what should you do with … Read more


The members of this blog are accounting experts ready to share what they know. Every month, we “pick their brains” to share this valuable information. This month’s featured experts are Tina Featheringham and Bruce Nelson from Vertical Solutions, a Microsoft Read more


Finance departments have access to a boatload of information that’s extremely important for all areas of business.  In fact, it’s this access to information that can provide the insight needed to make or break a business.  If finance is storing … Read more


Entry level accounting programs are popular because they’re somewhat easy to use and don’t cost a lot of money to maintain. They are a step up from spreadsheets and hand-written ledgers however, entry level accounting programs are definitely not for … Read more


Enhance your Financial Management to Drive your Business Forward – Part 3

In our last blog post you learned about a few available features in Microsoft Dynamics GP that can be useful for your employees. Why not take advantage of what is out there?

Here are a few features that come with … Read more


We find that more companies than not have non-standard requirements when it comes to accounting and financial management.  It’s important to know what these are at the very beginning of software research so you’re headed in the right direction.

Many … Read more





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