Every industry has its own specific needs and distributors are no exception.  Some industries even have to follow software regulations to keep the production of items in check.  While every business has its own unique nuances, keeping track of critical … Read more


Whether you are starting up a business or have many years under your belt, record keeping is essential.  Many times, it can be overlooked when you are focusing on how to improve your business and meet customer demands.  However, without … Read more


Enhance your Financial Management to Drive your Business Forward – Part 2

In our last blog post you learned about a few available features in Microsoft Dynamics GP that can be useful for your employees. Why not take advantage of what is out there?

Here are a few features will come with … Read more


Companies can realize a number of benefits from choosing cloud applications, including fast deployment speed, subscription based pricing, and anytime/anywhere access. The key here is to measure these benefits over time to see if the value brought will pay off … Read more


The facts on which most budget assumptions are based are likely to change even in relatively stable economic environments, making certain budget targets obsolete shortly after they are prepared.  If your forecasting is more like a mirage, then it’s time … Read more


Unless you’re one of them, you may be surprised to learn how many companies manage all their finances with Excel spreadsheets. As a Microsoft Dynamics® GP partner since 1997, we work with businesses to implement Microsoft Dynamics GP. More … Read more


As a Microsoft Dynamics’ customer, you can benefit from valuable resources available on the web. Access to CustomerSource is one of the benefits of a Microsoft Dynamics service plan. CustomerSource is a secure site that allows you to access … Read more


If you’ve cut your search down to selecting one of the four Microsoft Dynamics ERP products (GP, SL, NAV, and AX), then you really can’t go wrong. Each product carries a solid reputation in the market and has has tens … Read more


More and more companies are going global, building expansions and finding acquisitions overseas.  Working globally presents new challenges for many business aspects, but none more important than accounting.  Nearly 100 countries utilize the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) for their … Read more





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