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The 1, 2, 3’s of Easy Data Entry with Microsoft Dynamics GP

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If you are looking to improve productivity across the board, look no further than Microsoft Dynamics® GP.  The first time you lay eyes on Microsoft Dynamics GP you’ll quickly recognize the familiar appearance and features that resemble the other Microsoft products that you likely use daily.  You’ll fall in love at first sight with the easy data entry and fully integrated features that will quickly maximize efficiency.  The familiar look and ease of use will reduce training time normally associated with new software system and get your employees comfortable with the new system right away.

Employee role-specific information can be entered and quickly accessed using the Action Panes that appear on all navigation lists.  The Action Panes show commands specific to the data within the list.  Records can be selected, filtered, reviewed, and used without opening window after window.  By making it simple to enter and manipulate data, users will be able to work faster.

Microsoft Dynamics GP offers remote access to information so that traveling employees, sales staff, and remote offices can instantly access up-to-date information.  Colleagues can connect through web-based, intranet or extranet sites allowing collaboration between employees, customers, and trading partners.  Employees can access the specific information they need using the Role Tailored interface, saving time from searching servers and offices for lost or missing data.  A favorite feature in Microsoft Dynamics GP is the automation of timesheets, expense reports, sales orders, and other routine tasks.  Employees will save time on the everyday tasks freeing up more time that they can use to focus on the important job responsibilities.

Streamline your business and improve productivity with a fully integrated business management solution.  The flexibility and customized features of Microsoft Dynamics GP will improve efficiency and profitability at all levels of the organization, giving you an edge in a competitive economy.  Having a software solution that all your employees can use ensures the return of your investment. If everyone can benefit, then you quickly see enhanced productivity and better overall business insight.

By Bill Aiton with SSi Consulting, Microsoft Dynamics Partner based out of Maryland

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