Therapy for your ERP Software

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Do you ever feel like your enterprise resource planning (ERP) just isn’t as useful as it used to be?  Do you feel it’s just doing the bare essentials to get by?  It may be time to consider that your ERP software could need some help.

There are many reasons that ERP software solutions seem to fade into the background when no one is looking.  New employees may not receive the training they need to use the software properly and if you have users that don’t know what they are doing, you are going to get bad results.  Sometimes users think that their own method for capturing and storing information is easier or quicker.  In this case, important data isn’t making it into ERP, which can also lead to bad results.  Another popular reason that ERP software is allowed to fade away is that your business needs change faster than you can get your software updated to keep pace with these changes.  If you and your ERP software aren’t seeing eye-to-eye, then it’s time to make some changes…and it doesn’t involve Prozac.

Most businesses have quarterly or annual reviews of how operations are progressing with meeting strategic goals.  This is a good time to remember that as business operations are changing, so too should your ERP software.  Comprehensive ERP software, such as Microsoft Dynamics® NAV, has features that can be used to help you stay on track towards reaching your goals.  The integrated nature of the software will make it easier to set a budget plan, for example that will keep tally of budgetary goals in real time.  Since all of your financial data is entered into the software, you can receive notifications when you are reaching or deviating from budgetary goals.  Since achieving strategic goals are a top priority and you are relying on your ERP software to help you achieve these goals, you will be more likely to notice when things aren’t working properly.

The proper ERP software should also be flexible enough to change with your business operations.  Microsoft Dynamics NAV and the other Microsoft Dynamics line of ERP software solutions are scalable – you pick and choose the modules that best suit your business needs today and add or change modules as operations change.  When it is easy to modify and customize your software, you are more likely to keep your ERP aligned with your business needs.  In addition, your software provider should be able to assist with updates and changes with minimal business interruption.  Working as a team, you and your software provider can arrange for training to keep your users knowledgeable about your ERP software, as well as tweak or update the software as needed.

Your business sought the assistance of ERP software to streamline operations, improve strategic insight, and boost profitability.  If you aren’t using your ERP software, then you lose the advantages that the ERP brought you in the first place.  Contact Concentrix TSG to determine whether your ERP software solution is working for you or if it might be time for some therapy.


By Concentrix TSG– independent UK Microsoft Dynamics NAV software specialists

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